Golden rule

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How do you feel about parasites? What about germs or fungus? Extra topping: dirt and a sprinkle of fur to add to one of the greatest challenges that are tormenting every pet owner on a daily basis.

Does it matter that we already surround ourselves with those by ourselves? Modern society ripped our contact with living nature and enslaved us in concrete cages far from beneficial exchange of saprofites, minerals and such. Increasing amount of strange metals, gudrons and chemical byproducts we currently find in our environment make us think twice when to decide the level of hygiene we impose to ourselves, our houses or beloved pets.

If we find the right balance between: keep the nature apart (germ free environment)/stay close to it (flower power in its environmental status), we have the golden rule: how to live a healthy life in a healthy world. But that balance status is always difficult to pinpoint and we have to decide, sometimes against our own fears, what is clean, what is healthy, what is economical available, what is sustainable, what is urgent, what is life threatening.

When I first decided to adopt a dog, (years before we started Vanelli veterinary medicine laboratory), I never considered that at the first rain, there will be extra mud dumplings on the carpets, nor did I envision the extent of worry summer time would bring. It should have been only about sharing the joy of spending good times outdoors, having a happy companion for our strolls, sharing the beautiful nature. Not about flea and ticks. But as a pet parent I learned the ways of protecting my companion and it was my choosing that made the difference.

Even now I consider each product we design with my own experience of over 30 year of raising dogs, cats and even small exotic birds. Over the years, our client needs determined the range of products we manufactured and then simplified our quest for sustainable products. At Vanelli we cover the basic simple needs for affordable hygiene products for several species, large and small breeds. We got litter for cats, shampoo for dogs, cream for hooves, you name, it we have it!

But that is not all we have. We have love and faith for the healing power of nature and we strive to keep our products as clean and chemical free as possible in Vanelli EcoLine.