Vanelli SRL started in 1993 as a private owned company with a small range of disinfectants  for poultry farms. Over the years, new products where designed mostly for farm animals including medicines.

        A strong interest for anti-parasitic medicines led to development of our first products destined to pet animals. Welcoming  growing  demand for natural based products we enlarged our portfolio with new products, covering both hygiene and care, prevention and treatment area for veterinary use in  the new line Vanelli ECO LINE. 

        We select our furnishings with great care and use only optimum quality/price natural extracts. Our products contain various plant extracts from all over the world, bee/honey products, clay, yeasts all conferring nature's best support for a healthy development.
        All our products are  designed and manufactured in according to EU regulation for veterinary use.
        We are willing to improve, research and innovation is in our core and have always been the force of our development.
        We want to keep our animals healthy and our environment clean and safe.
        We use nature's resources with great care and tradition keeps us rooted in good and healthy practices.